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         Personalized service...Trusting & dependable...Available 7/365      Happy Tails Pet Sitters: Call 410-378-2924          Personalized service...Trusting & dependable...Available 7/365

Why should I hire Happy Tails Pet Sitters?

Pets are more comfortable in their own home. The sights, smells, and sounds at a kennel can be overwhelming. A pet sitter can follow your pet's normal routines, as well as provide them with more attention than a kennel environment allows. If you have a cuddle bug, we can sit with your pet and snuggle on the couch, and if you have a high energy pet, we can get out their favorite toys and have a romp or a walk.

Hiring a professional pet sitter also has many advantages over having a friend or neighbor watch your pet while you're away. We have a solid emergency plan in case a problem should arise. A signed contract protects your pet so that you will have peace of mind knowing that your pet is safe, comfortable and happy. We love what we do and our clients tell us they see a difference in their pet's happy and relaxed behavior when they return home.

What are mid-day breaks and how would my pet benefit from them?

Many pet owners work full time jobs and cannot get home to let their pet outside during the day. It also provides dog owners the opportunity to go out with friends after work without returning home first. Crated dogs or puppies get time to stretch their legs and break up the boredom of a long day and it also helps with house training. High energy pets may need a mid-day break to help them be more relaxed at night when their owners return home.

What is involved with the consultation visit?

A consultation visit is offered at no charge and gives you the chance to meet us personally and to ask any questions you may have. It also allows us to get to know the personalities and routines of your pets. Consultations generally take 30-60 minutes to complete depending upon the number of pets you have and their normal routines. You will need to have a copy of your key available, the phone number of your veterinarian, and one emergency contact in the rare case that there is an emergency and we cannot reach you.

Does Happy Tails Pet Sitters provide in-home boarding?

We do not offer this service. We believe that your pets are most comfortable and safe in their own home.

I'm taking my dog with me on vacation. Will you watch my house while I'm gone?

We do offer this service. We can stop by and make sure everything is secure, bring in your mail, water your plants, feed your fish, etc. For security reasons, we will stagger the visit times. Just let us know what services you'll need.

Are you insured and bonded?

Yes, we are insured. We have a comprehensive liability policy specifically tailored for pet sitters. We are not bonded because we are a husband and wife team and do not have employees. Therefore, bonding is not necessary.

I'm going on a week's vacation. What times will you be visiting my pet?

Depending on our schedule, between 7am and 9am for the first visit. Mid-day if necessary, and between 7pm and 9pm for the evening visit.

How long will you visit my pet and how will I know when you were there?

Visits last approximately 30 minutes, depending on number of pets and scheduling. We will leave 'visit notes' if you request them.

I'm scheduled for an operation and I don't know how long I'll be in the hospital. Can you help?

Yes, just let us know the circumstances and we'll be glad to help. Be sure to let us know upon your return home.

Will you groom my pet while I'm away?

Yes, we will lightly brush or comb your pet if you would like us to. These are the types of things we will go over with you during our consultation visit.

Are you able to hold keys on file for when I travel in the future or have an emergency?

We hold keys on file upon our client's request. This allows you to schedule visits with ease and we can also be available to care for your pets in the event of an emergency or upon short notice. All keys are kept secure and will not identify your address or name. Your key can be returned to you at any time upon your request.

Is my key and information safe?

We are extremely careful with our clients information. Keys are not labeled with your address and are kept secure. We will never share your address, security codes, or any other information with anyone.

When and how do I pay for Happy Tails services?

All initial service fees are payable at the time of the first visit. You can leave payment in a predetermined place before leaving home.

What if my pet is ill or there is an emergency while I am away?

We retain emergency contact information as well as a Veterinarian Notification Form. Your signature on our service agreement authorizes us to seek veterinary care for your pet should it be necessary. We will always try to contact you first for minor incidents or concerns, and in case of a serious emergency, we will contact you as soon as your pet reaches the veterinarian and is under care.

Do you administer medication and insulin injections? Is there an additional charge?

We will medicate your pet according to your instructions and we will provide insulin injections to diabetic pets. There is no extra charge for this service. We will carefully review information with you if your pet has health concerns or special needs.

What happens when I get back from my trip?

We insist that you contact us as soon as possible upon your return. If we cannot reach you (ex: 12 hours since last visit and no contact), we are obligated to make an additional visit to ensure the safety and welfare of your pet(s). You WILL BE CHARGED, EVEN IF YOU ARE HOME. Many things can happen and we don't want your pets to be left alone in the wake of an event that prohibits you from caring for your pets.

Remember, we're pet owners also! We are dedicated to the well-being of all pets and treat them as a member of our extended family! We LOVE our job and take it seriously!

What if the pet sitter has a personal emergency while taking care of my pets?

Fortunately, Happy Tails Pet Sitters is actually a husband and wife team. Both are qualified and experienced in animal care and ready to back-up each other. (We're both devoted animal lovers). In the event of personal emergency or illness with both of us, we will arrange for another qualified person to fulfill responsibilities of caring for your pet. You will be notified in such a case.

Your service sounds great! How do I get started?

Contact us at 410-378-2924.
We look forward to serving you and your pets!

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